Faces of Annapolis with Jen Luik and Vantresa Scott

Pictured from left to right: Jen Luik and Vantresa Scott We are always looking for things to celebrate and recently, Decisions Oriented, a member at My Annapolis Office, celebrated their three year anniversary.  Decisions Oriented is a certified service-disabled veteran, woman owned-minority business enterprise incorporated in Maryland.  They celebrated their three year anniversary in July…

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Why Microbusinesses Love Serviced Office Suites

Serviced office suites are perfect for microbusinesses for many reasons, but one major reason stands out. Microbusinesses are businesses that need very few employees, less than ten, to be productive and successful and are often run by solopreneurs. The support offered by the staff at serviced offices is invaluable to a tiny business with only…

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When You Might Need Short-Term Office Space

Are you coming to the end of a long-term office lease and find yourself looking for new space? A short-term office space may be just what you need while you give yourself the time to find a new home for your business. There can be a myriad of advantages to a short-term lease with My…

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How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Your Small Business

There are major time and cost saving advantages to choosing a virtual office over a traditional office. Small businesses in particular can benefit from all of the resources offered by My Annapolis Office. You may think the only thing a virtual office has to offer is the occasional meeting room, but in our digital age, our ability…

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Social Media and Your Business

The social media movement has forever changed the marketing landscape and has become a dominating force in our professional and personal lives. For business owners, social media has increased exposure, driven sales, generated leads, reduced marketing expenses, grown business partnerships, and shaped a brand more than any other movement. Therefore, it’s important to know what…

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Less Sugar = Greater Success

Successful entrepreneurs know that a disciplined and dedicated work ethic is critical to building a successful business. It takes commitment to meet goals and adhere to deadlines and new research has shown that our dietary choices can make this commitment easier or more challenging. If you want to increase your chances of entrepreneurial success, Raquel…

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