On-Demand Meeting Room Access for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Remote Workers in Annapolis

Entrepreneurs, remote workers, and owners of small businesses in Annapolis need flexibility, and on-demand meeting room access is an amenity that delivers high value in agility and cost-effectiveness. Though more and more people working outside of the conventional corporate office model, there is still a great need to access large-office features, and that includes meeting…

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In pursuit of the perfect work-life balance

  These days, it seems like we all struggle with an increased workload and higher expectations of what is possible to accomplish over the course of the day. If you’re already a bit of an over-achiever, this can quickly lead to burnout – a place none of us want to be, because at that point,…

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Tips for Creating Effective Standards for Remote Workers

The remote workforce is set to explode over the next few years. It’s already doubled since 2005, and almost half of the companies in the United States expect to develop a remote working standard within the next few years. These statistics, combined with a burgeoning population of freelancers, are creating a need for a new…

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Millennials are Changing Our Business Practices

Millennials. They will probably not ever remember a time when they couldn’t’t hold the universe of knowledge in the palms of their hands. They embrace diversity, they are tolerant, they follow their dreams. They text, they don’t email much, they own a ton of technology, and are unwilling to put up with anything they feel…

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Tips for boosting meeting productivity

Meetings are a necessary part of doing business, but not every employee will jump at the invitation to attend one. Meetings take valuable time away from getting work done, they can be boring, tedious, and even seen as a complete waste of time by some. To mitigate these factors, here are some handy tips to…

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